Industry and environmental sciences

The main objective is to contribute to the development of mathematical models useful to simulate industrial and environmental problems. Among these, recently the attention has been focused on the dynamics of porous media and sand using multiphase continuum mechanics.


The main objective of the research topic is the study of porous media in hydrogeological contexts. Particular emphasis is given to the formulation of mathematical models to describe: (a) the structural response of a porous medium to the type of mechanical stress, (b) the motion of fluids in the pores, (c) the transport of chemicals, and (d) the interactions between fluid and structure.

The research is primarily oriented toward the characterization of the fluiddynamical regimes in very heterogeneous and fractured porous media.


One of the major problems encountered in the construction of infrastructure in desertic areas is the fact that the sand carried by the wind tends to occupy and cover all infrastructures. The main objective of the research topic is the modeling of phenomena related to erosion, transport, sedimentation, and sliding of sand resulting in the formation and movement of dunes. The final objective is mitigate the effect of sand on infrastructures, to identify protection measures, and to optimize them according to the interaction between the multiphase flow and the structure. More information can be found at

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