The Department

The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DISMA) is the point of reference in the Politecnico for Mathematical Sciences and their interaction with Engineering and Architecture.
DISMA promotes, coordinates and manages fundamental and applied research, courses, technology transfer and the services for the local community in the fields of mathematics, statistics, mathematical modelling and their multi-faceted interaction with basic and applied sciences.

DISMA has a wide range of scientific expertise in Mathematics and its applications. Our research activities range from the theoretical issues arising in basic disciplines to the application problems that emerge in different scientific, technological and socio-economic contexts.
More specifically, the Department develops mathematical methodologies of  an analytical, algebro-geometrical, numerical, mathematical-physical and probabilistic-statistical nature. The principal applications concern nonlinear phenomena, optimisation and control problems, time-frequency analysis, discrete mathematics, mathematical modelling for engineering, finance, biology and complex systems, environmental issues, scientific calculus and numerical simulation.

DISMA strongly believes that both the pure and the interdisciplinary research areas have strategic value. The latter have to respond to the challenges posed by modelling, analysis and simulation of complex patterns and multi-scale phenomena; they are related both to the processes of technological advancement but also, for example, to biological and socio-economic systems. From this perspective, DISMA is interested in all emerging research fields in which it can make original contributions, and promotes work that can take its place in the broader scientific community. To this end, the Department encourages participation in national and international research programmes.

DISMA organises and manages degree and post-degree level courses (Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, I and II level postgraduate courses, Ph.D. degrees) as well as inter-departmental programmes and joint degrees with other academic institutions. It promotes and supports professional development in industry and the service sector through specific training courses at various levels.
DISMA coordinates the Masters degree programme in
- Mathematical Engineering

DISMA provides courses in Mathematical Sciences across the Politecnico di Torino curriculum, from admissions counselling and tuition to basic and advanced maths modules wherever these are part of a degree programme. Another Departmental activity is science development and consultancy, endorsing professional training courses that aim to broaden knowledge and encourage innovation in industry.