Numerical solution of PDEs with classical discretization techniques and polygonal/polyhedral elements

The group actively works on the topic of numerical solution of partial differential equations in complex domains, which often are hardly treated by means of standard techniques. The use of polygonal/polyhedral elements allows to largely improve the flexibility of discretization techniques, possibly in conjunction with effective mesh refinement/coarsening techniques.

Among the main applications, the simulation of thermo-fluid-dynamic problems, both stationary and time dependent. Hydrodynamic stability problems are also studied and investigated by means of spectral Legendre numerical schemes.

Moreover, the group works on issues related to the numerical simulation of underground flows in fractured media; this topic is related to several applications concerning underground safety and exploitation: carbon dioxide geological storage, oil and gas engineering, geothermal energy, aquifer monitoring. The interest is mainly focused on innovative methods for simulations at basin scale of mono and multi-phase flows in poro-fractured media.

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