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European Workshop on ROMs for Industrial Applications

16-17 ottobre 2017 - Aula Buzano - DISMA - Politecnico di Torino

The workshop aims to bring together experts from academia and industry who are proficient in the development of Reduced-Order Models (ROMs) and in their application to real-life problems.

Despite the constant improvement of computer performance and simulation techniques, a variety of challenging problems from different branches of science and engineering still remain intractable. Real-life applications usually require to cope with complex and high-dimensional problems in state space, physical space or parameter space, e.g. for large-scale dynamical systems, control systems and optimization, but standard techniques fail to solve these problems efficiently.
In this framework, Model Order Reduction represents a new simulation paradigm in computational science and engineering. Generally speaking, the rationale behind the development of ROMs, is to replace complex models with far simpler ones, that allow to capture the features of the problem being modelled with a given level of accuracy. By enabling near real-time analysis of complex problems, ROMs opens unexplored possibilities in numerical simulation, process and shape optimization, simulation-based control, uncertainty quantification and propagation, finding immediate use in relevant industrial applications.