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10-14 settembre 2018 - Aula 1D - DISMA

Tensors are attracting a huge amount of research activity. Some of the hottest topics are: tensor decompositions, tensor ranks, tensor trains, low-rank approximations, tensor completions, identifiability, sensitivity, signature tensors of paths.
Such a fervent and vigorous activity can be easily explained: tensors are ubiquitous in describing physical quantities and laws, in modelling systems, and in representing constraints. Thus, more and more often so, even theoretical results about tensors can have significant practical consequences.
One of the aims of this workshop is to bring together experts from different branches of mathematics and engineering in which tensors play a crucial role.
One other significant aim is to introduce young researchers to the art of building bridges between different research fields using tensors as the leading example.
Luca Chiantini, Siena
Wolfgang Hackbusch, Leipzig
Bernard Mourrain, Nice
Giorgio Ottaviani, Firenze
Bernd Sturmfels, Berkeley & Leipzig