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Paths in Mathematical Control Theory

26-27 febbraio 2018 - Sala Consiglio Facoltà - Politecnico di Torino

In the last fifteen years a prominent role in mathematical control theory has been played by a remarkable number of novel questions, which have given rise to an interplay between theoretical advances and a broad range of applications -- which span physics, engineering, medicine, transportation, and social sciences. New and unexpected perspectives have been opened, while more traditional ones are still under development today.
The aim of the Workshop is to bring together renowned experts in distinct fields of modern control theory, along with younger researchers working in these and other areas, as well as to present and stimulate interactions between different groups in the control community. Among the areas represented are: ODE and PDE models; continuous, discrete, hybrid dynamics; deterministic and stochastic processes; quantum systems; networked/multi-agent systems.
In addition, the meeting will honor the seventieth birthdays of Professors Andrea Bacciotti and Luciano Pandolfi, whose scientific interests and achievements during a long academic life are consistent with the goals of the meeting. It is hoped that the Workshop will constitute a valuable experience for graduate students and established researchers.