Categoria: Seminari e Convegni
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16-20 maggio 2022


Luminy, France


Technology has nowadays reached a paramount degree of complexity. In order to push the limits of today, we need a deep and solid understanding of the physical phenomena on which applications rely. Formal computations or experimental observations alone can not fulfill the demand of knowledge required to unveil the mechanisms behind them. This can be only achieved when the language and the instruments of mathematical analysis are used to interpret experimental data and to predict the outcome of physical experiments.
In this conference, we focus on challenges at the interface between mathematics and mechanics, such as the modeling of fine microstructures, the study of defects, the effects of randomness in textures and loading, dynamic fracture, inelasticity, as well as fast phase transformations for applications to new memory devices. It is therefore important to find a common ground to set up a dialogue between these disciplines. By gathering together international experts and young researchers, we aim at fostering the interaction between scientists of different areas, as well as exposing the new generations to cutting-edge research on the topic.

Keywords: calculus of variations, plasticity, elasticity, fracture, Applied Mathematics, Mechanics, Materials Science, Material Defects