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21 febbraio 2018

Colloquium: "MATERIAL GEOMETRY" - Prof. Epstein

dalle ore 16 alle ore 17.30 in Aula Buzano (DISMA)

Abstract: "This presentation will survey some applications of Differential Geometry to Continuum Mechanics. The aim is to motivate the use of the geometric terminology and apparatus rather than to present technical details. Accordingly, the style will be informal and the scope as comprehensive as possible."

CV del Prof. Epstein: "I was born in Argentina, where I obtained my degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires. I went on to obtain a doctoral degree from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and eventually got a Faculty position at the University of Calgary, where I have worked for the last four decades. My interests have been mostly focused on foundational aspects of Continuum Mechanics, theories of continuous distributions of defects, and biomechanics of growth and remodeling. I have published five books in these areas and about 150 papers."

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