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19 Gennaio 2021


Martedì 19 gennaio 2021 - 9:30

Seminario della serie "CRITTOGRAFIA: dalla teoria alle applicazioni", in collaborazione con Telsy SPA, azienda del gruppo TIM specializzata in cybersecurity.

"Kleptography, an overview"
Guglielmo Morgari - Telsy SpA

Martedì 19 Gennaio 2021 - ore 9:30

Webinar on line su piattaforma Zoom all'indirizzo

Abstract: Introduced by Moti Yung and Adam Young in the mid-'90s, kleptography is the study of hiding malicious cryptography inside cryptographic implementations. Kleptography allows to build cryptographic trapdoors in (un)trusted hardware, software and even algorithms. Kleptographic trapdoors are secure (only the malicious manufacturer is able to exploit them) and subliminal (they are undetectable simply observing input/output traffic). The talk will cover the main ideas behind kleptography and analyze some of the most relevant cases, both theoretical and practical.