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Trapasso, S. I. (2020)
A time–frequency analysis perspective on Feynman path integrals. In: Landscapes of Time-Frequency Analysis ATFA 2019 / S.N., S.L., Birkhauser, pp. 175-202. ISBN: 978-3-030-56004-1
Trapasso, S. I. (2020)
Time-frequency analysis of the Dirac equation. In: JOURNAL OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, vol. 269, pp. 2477-2502. ISSN 0022-0396
Nicola, F.; Trapasso, S. I. (2020)
A Note on the HRT Conjecture and a New Uncertainty Principle for the Short-Time Fourier Transform. In: JOURNAL OF FOURIER ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, vol. 26. ISSN 1069-5869 Download fulltext
Nicola, F.; Trapasso, Salvatore Ivan (2020)
On the Pointwise Convergence of the Integral Kernels in the Feynman-Trotter Formula. In: COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, vol. 376, pp. 2277-2299. ISSN 0010-3616 Download fulltext
Nicola, F.; Trapasso Salvatore, I. (2019)
Approximation of Feynman path integrals with non-smooth potentials. In: JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, vol. 60. ISSN 0022-2488
Cordero, E.; Nicola, F.; Trapasso, S. I. (2019)
Almost Diagonalization of τ -Pseudodifferential Operators with Symbols in Wiener Amalgam and Modulation Spaces. In: JOURNAL OF FOURIER ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, vol. 25, pp. 1927-1957. ISSN 1069-5869
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