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Adami, R.; Boni, F.; Ruighi, A. (2020)
Non-kirchhoff vertices and nonlinear schrodinger ground states on graphs. In: MATHEMATICS, vol. 8, pp. 617-630. ISSN 2227-7390 Download fulltext
Adami, R.; Dovetta, S.; Ruighi, A. (2019)
Quantum graphs and dimensional crossover: The honeycomb. In: COMMUNICATIONS IN APPLIED AND INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS, vol. 10, pp. 109-122. ISSN 2038-0909 Download fulltext
Armano, Tiziana; Borsero, Massimo; Capietto, Anna; Murru, Nadir; Panzarea, Angelo; ... (2018)
On the accessibility of Moodle 2 by visually impaired users, with a focus on mathematical content. In: UNIVERSAL ACCESS IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY, vol. 17, pp. 865-874. ISSN 1615-5289 Download fulltext
Armano, Tiziana; Capietto, Anna; Coriasco, Sandro; Murru, Nadir; Ruighi, Alice; Taranto, ... (2018)
An automatized method based on LaTeX for the realization of accessible PDF documents containing formulae. In: International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, pp. 583-589. ISSN 0302-9743 Download fulltext
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