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Napoli, Maria Lia; Barbero, Monica; Fontana, Roberto (2021)
A Statistically Based Methodology to Estimate the Probability of Encountering Rock Blocks When Tunneling in Heterogeneous Ground. In: MINING, vol. 1, pp. 241-250. ISSN 2673-6489 Download fulltext
Fontana, Roberto; Rapallo, Fabio; Wynn, Henry (2021)
Circuits for robust designs.
Fontana, Roberto; Rapallo, Fabio (2021)
Robustness of Fractional Factorial Designs through Circuits. In: SIS 2021, pp. 615-620. ISBN: 9788891927361 Download fulltext
Spallanzani, Matteo; Mihaylov, Gueorgui; Prato, Marco; Fontana, Roberto (2021)
A fingerprint of a heterogeneous data set. In: ADVANCES IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLASSIFICATION. ISSN 1862-5355 Download fulltext
Fontana, Roberto; Rapallo, Fabio (2020)
Aberration for the analysis of two-way contingency tables. In: SIS 2020, pp. 1136-1141. ISBN: 9788891910776
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