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Ambrosio, L.; Fornasier, M.; Morandotti, M.; Savare, G. (2021)
Spatially Inhomogeneous Evolutionary Games. In: COMMUNICATIONS ON PURE AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS, vol. 74, pp. 1353-1402. ISSN 0010-3640 Download fulltext
Almi, S.; Morandotti, M.; Solombrino, F. (2021)
A multi-step Lagrangian scheme for spatially inhomogeneous evolutionary games. In: JOURNAL OF EVOLUTION EQUATIONS, vol. 21, pp. 2691-2733. ISSN 1424-3199 Download fulltext
Matias, José; Morandotti, Marco; Owen, David R.; Zappale, Elvira (2021)
Upscaling and spatial localization of non-local energies with applications to crystal plasticity. In: MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS OF SOLIDS, vol. 26, pp. 963-997. ISSN 1081-2865 Download fulltext
Lucardesi, Ilaria; Morandotti, Marco; Scala, Riccardo; Zucco, Davide (2020)
Upscaling of screw dislocations with increasing tangential strain. In: ATTI DELLA ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEI LINCEI. RENDICONTI LINCEI. MATEMATICA E APPLICAZIONI, vol. 31, pp. 421-445. ISSN 1120-6330 Download fulltext
Morandotti, M.; Solombrino, F. (2020)
Mean-field analysis of multipopulation dynamics with label switching. In: SIAM JOURNAL ON MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS, vol. 52, pp. 1427-1462. ISSN 0036-1410 Download fulltext
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