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Chiari, Giulia; Delitala, Marcello Edoardo; Morselli, David; Scianna, Marco (2022)
A hybrid modeling environment to describe aggregates of cells heterogeneous for genotype and behavior with possible phenotypic transitions. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS, vol. 144. ISSN 0020-7462
Fiandaca, G.; Bernardi, S.; Scianna, M.; Delitala, M. E. (2022)
A phenotype-structured model to reproduce the avascular growth of a tumor and its interaction with the surrounding environment. In: JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY, vol. 535. ISSN 0022-5193
Fiandaca, G.; Delitala, M.; Lorenzi, T. (2021)
A Mathematical Study of the Influence of Hypoxia and Acidity on the Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer. In: BULLETIN OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, vol. 83. ISSN 0092-8240
Delitala, M.; Ferraro, M. (2020)
Is the allee effect relevant in cancer evolution and therapy?. In: AIMS MATHEMATICS, vol. 5, pp. 7649-7660. ISSN 2473-6988
Piretto, Elena; Delitala, Marcello; Ferraro, Mario (2020)
Efficiency of cancer treatments: in silico experiments. In: MATHEMATICAL MODELLING OF NATURAL PHENOMENA, vol. 15. ISSN 0973-5348
Piretto, Elena; Delitala, Marcello; Kim, Peter S.; Frascoli, Federico (2019)
Effects of mutations and immunogenicity on outcomes of anti-cancer therapies for secondary lesions. In: MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES, vol. 315. ISSN 0025-5564
Piretto, Elena; Delitala, Marcello; Ferraro, Mario (2018)
Combination therapies and intra-tumoral competition: Insights from mathematical modeling. In: JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY, vol. 446, pp. 149-159. ISSN 0022-5193
Piretto, E.; Delitala, M.; Ferraro, M. (2018)
How combination therapies shape drug resistance in heterogeneous tumoral populations. In: LETTERS IN BIOMATHEMATICS, vol. 5:sup1, pp. 160-177. ISSN 2373-7867
Delitala, MARCELLO EDOARDO; Lorenzi, Tommaso (2014)
Mathematical modeling of cancer cells evolution under targeted chemotherapies. In: 1st Kepler Prize Workshop of the European Academy of Sciences, EURASC 2011, deu, 2011, pp. 81-89. ISSN 2194-1009. ISBN: 9783319037585
Delitala, MARCELLO EDOARDO; Lorenzi, Tommaso; Melensi, Matteo (2014)
A structured population model of competition between cancer cells and t cells under immunotherapy. In: International Workshop on Mathematical Modeling of Tumor-Immune Dynamics, 2013, aus, 2013, pp. 47-58. ISSN 2194-1009. ISBN: 9781493917921
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