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PhD Student - PhD Student (Unito)
Research Assistant
Adjunct Professor

Most recent publications

Massai, Leonardo; Como, Giacomo; Fagnani, Fabio (2021)
Equilibria and Systemic Risk in Saturated Networks. In: MATHEMATICS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH, pp. 1-21. ISSN 0364-765X Download fulltext
Massai, Leonardo; Como, Giacomo; Fagnani, Fabio (2020)
Stability and phase transitions of dynamical flow networks with finite capacities. In: 21st IFAC World Congress (IFAC 2020), Berlin (Germany), July 12-17, 2020, pp. 2588-2593. ISSN 2405-8963 Download fulltext
Calafiore, Giuseppe Carlo; Massai, Leonardo (2017)
Control of Brokerage Margins. In: 20th World Congress The International Federation of Automatic Control, Toulouse, Francia, July 9-14, 2017, pp. 12790-12795
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