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Navarro, Jorge; Pellerey, Franco; Sordo, Miguel A. (2021)
Weak Dependence Notions and Their Mutual Relationships. In: MATHEMATICS, vol. 9. ISSN 2227-7390 Download fulltext
Pellerey, Franco; Navarro, Jorge (2021)
Stochastic monotonicity of dependent variables given their sum. In: TEST. ISSN 1133-0686 Download fulltext
Astolfi, Arianna; Puglisi, Giuseppina Emma; Murgia, Silvia; Minelli, Greta; Pellerey, ... (2019)
Influence of Classroom Acoustics on Noise Disturbance and Well-Being for First Graders. In: FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, vol. 10, pp. 1-20. ISSN 1664-1078 Download fulltext
Longobardi, M.; Pellerey, F. (2019)
On the role of dependence in residual lifetimes. In: STATISTICS & PROBABILITY LETTERS, vol. 153, pp. 56-64. ISSN 0167-7152 Download fulltext
Di Crescenzo, Antonio; Pellerey, Franco (2019)
Some Results and Applications of Geometric Counting Processes. In: METHODOLOGY AND COMPUTING IN APPLIED PROBABILITY, vol. 21, pp. 203-233. ISSN 1573-7713 Download fulltext
Raffaele, Lorenzo; Bruno, Luca; Pellerey, Franco; Preziosi, Luigi (2018)
Aeolian windblown sand saltation: an application of copulae for the estimation of threshold shear velocity. In: XIV Biennial Conference of the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Roma (IT), 2-6 luglio
Navarro, Jorge; Longobardi, Maria; Pellerey, Franco (2017)
Comparison results for inactivity times of k-out-of-n and general coherent systems with dependent components. In: TEST, vol. 26, pp. 822-846. ISSN 1133-0686 Download fulltext
Brunetta, Grazia; Caldarice, Ombretta; Pellerey, Franco (2017)
La Valutazione Integrata Territoriale. Scenari del commercio in Provincia di Trento. In: SR SCIENZE REGIONALI, vol. 16, pp. 401-432. ISSN 1720-3929
Lo Verso, Valerio Roberto Maria; Mihaylov, Gueorgui; Pellegrino, Anna; Pellerey, Franco (2017)
Estimation of the daylight amount and the energy demand for lighting for the early design stages: Definition of a set of mathematical models. In: ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, vol. 155, pp. 151-165. ISSN 0378-7788
Calosso, Giulia; Puglisi, GIUSEPPINA EMMA; Astolfi, Arianna; Castellana, Antonella; ... (2017)
A one-school year longitudinal study of secondary school teachers' voice parameters and the influence of classroom acoustics. In: THE JOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, vol. 142, pp. 1055-1066. ISSN 0001-4966
Bonino, Donata; Crucinio, Francesca R.; Fontana, Roberto; Pellerey, Franco (2017)
Elementi di Statistica per l’Ingegneria e l’architettura. Bologna, Esculapio, P. 368. ISBN: 9788893850254
Antonella Castellana; Giuseppina Emma Puglisi; Giulia Calosso; Anna Accornero; Lady ... (2017)
One-year longitudinal study on teachers’ voice parameters in secondary-school classrooms: relationships with voice quality assessed by perceptual analysis and voice objective measures. In: Acoustics ‘17 Boston The 3rd Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the European Acoustics Association, Boston, 25-29 Giugno 2017, pp. 3541-3542. ISSN 0001-4966 Download fulltext
Raffaele, Lorenzo; Bruno, Luca; Fransos, Davide; Pellerey, Franco (2017)
Incoming windblown sand drift to civil infrastructures: A probabilistic evaluation. In: JOURNAL OF WIND ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL AERODYNAMICS, vol. 166, pp. 37-47. ISSN 0167-6105 Download fulltext
Raffaele, Lorenzo; Bruno, Luca; Pellerey, Franco; Preziosi, Luigi (2016)
Windblown sand saltation: A statistical approach to fluid threshold shear velocity. In: AEOLIAN RESEARCH, vol. 23, pp. 79-91. ISSN 1875-9637 Download fulltext
Pellerey, Franco; Spizzichino, Fabio (2016)
Joint weak hazard rate order under non-symmetric copulas. In: DEPENDENCE MODELING, vol. 4, pp. 190-204. ISSN 2300-2298 Download fulltext
Astolfi, Arianna; Calosso, Giulia; Puglisi, giuseppina emma; Castellana, Antonella; ... (2016)
A longitudinal study on vocal behavior of teachers in classrooms and relationships with classroom acoustics. In: 5th meeting of the nordic voice ergonomic group, Helsinki (Finland), 10th September 2016 Download fulltext
Fernández-Ponce, J.M.; Pellerey, F.; Rodríguez-Griñolo, M.R (2016)
New multivariate aging notions based on the corrected orthant and the standard construction. In: COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS. THEORY AND METHODS, vol. 45, pp. 2958-2974. ISSN 0361-0926
Calosso, G.; Puglisi, G.E.; Astolfi, A.; Castellana, A.; Carullo, A.; Pellerey, F. (2016)
Relationships between classroom acoustics and voice parameters of teachers at the beginning and at the end of a school year. In: EuroRegio 2016, Porto (Portugal), 13-15 June 2016, pp. 1-10. ISBN: 978-84-87985-27-0
Frostig, E.; Pellerey, F. (2015)
Supermodular comparison of dependence models and multivariate processes, with applications. In: LECTURE NOTES OF SEMINARIO INTERDISCIPLINARE DI MATEMATICA, vol. 12, pp. 125-138. ISSN 2284-0206 Download fulltext
Navarro, J.; Pellerey, Franco; Di Crescenzo, A. (2015)
Orderings of coherent systems with randomized dependent components. In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, vol. 240, pp. 127-139. ISSN 0377-2217 Download fulltext
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