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Amongero, Martina; Bibbona, Enrico; Mastrantonio, Gianluca (2021)
Analysing the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy with the SIPRO model. In: SIS 2021, pp. 1568-1573. ISBN: 9788891927361
Bibbona, E.; Kim, J.; Wiuf, C. (2020)
Stationary distributions of systems with discreteness-induced transitions. In: JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY INTERFACE, vol. 17. ISSN 1742-5689
Bibbona, E.; Pistone, G.; Gasparini, M. (2018)
The empirical identity process: Asymptotics and applications. In: CANADIAN JOURNAL OF STATISTICS, vol. 46, pp. 656-672. ISSN 1708-945X
Gazian, Clara; Mastrantonio, Gianluca; Bibbona, Enrico (2018)
Introducing spatio-temporal dependence in clustering: from a parametric to a nonparametric approach. In: SIS 2018, pp. 239-247. ISBN: 9788891910233
Negri, I.; Bibbona, E. (2017)
Cogarch models: A statistical application. In: STATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI, vol. 15, pp. 151-164. ISSN 1824-6672
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