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Campagna, R.; De Marchi, S.; Perracchione, E.; Santin, G. (2022)
Stable interpolation with exponential-polynomial splines and node selection via greedy algorithms. In: ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS, vol. 48. ISSN 1019-7168
Massa, Paolo; Battaglia, Andrea F; Volpara, Anna; Collier, Hannah; Hurford, Gordon J; ... (2022)
First Hard X-Ray Imaging Results by Solar Orbiter STIX. In: SOLAR PHYSICS, vol. 297. ISSN 0038-0938
Marchetti, F; Perracchione, E (2022)
Local-to-Global Support Vector Machines (LGSVMs). In: PATTERN RECOGNITION, vol. 132. ISSN 0031-3203
Cavoretto, R.; De Rossi, A.; Lancellotti, S.; Perracchione, E. (2022)
Software Implementation of the Partition of Unity Method. In: DOLOMITES RESEARCH NOTES ON APPROXIMATION, vol. 15, pp. 35-46. ISSN 2035-6803
Campagna, Rosanna; Perracchione, Emma (2022)
Feature augmentation for numerical inversion of multi-exponential decay curves. In: International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics ICNAAM 2020 / S.N., S.L., AIP Publishing
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