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Lucci, Giulio; Agosti, Abramo; Ciarletta, Pasquale; Giverso, Chiara (2022)
Coupling solid and fluid stresses with brain tumour growth and white matter tract deformations in a neuroimaging-informed model. In: BIOMECHANICS AND MODELING IN MECHANOBIOLOGY, vol. 21, pp. 1483-1509. ISSN 1617-7959
Di Stefano, Salvatore; Giammarini, Alessandro; Giverso, Chiara; Grillo, Alfio (2022)
An elasto-plastic biphasic model of the compression of multicellular aggregates: the influence of fluid on stress and deformation. In: ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ANGEWANDTE MATHEMATIK UND PHYSIK, vol. 73. ISSN 0044-2275
Giverso, C.; Lorenzi, T.; Preziosi, L. (2022)
Effective interface conditions for continuum mechanical models describing the invasion of multiple cell populations through thin membranes. In: APPLIED MATHEMATICS LETTERS, vol. 125. ISSN 0893-9659
Lucci, G.; Giverso, C.; Preziosi, L. (2021)
Cell orientation under stretch: Stability of a linear viscoelastic model. In: MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES, vol. 337. ISSN 0025-5564
Giverso, Chiara; DI STEFANO, Salvatore; Grillo, Alfio; Preziosi, Luigi (2019)
A three dimensional model of multicellular aggregate compression. In: SOFT MATTER, vol. 15, pp. 10005-10019. ISSN 1744-683X
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