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Sanna, Carlo (2022)
On the number of residues of linear recurrences. In: RESEARCH IN NUMBER THEORY, vol. 8. ISSN 2363-9555
Barbero, Stefano; Bellini, Emanuele; Sanna, Carlo; Verbel, Javier (2022)
Practical complexities of probabilistic algorithms for solving Boolean polynomial systems. In: DISCRETE APPLIED MATHEMATICS, vol. 309, pp. 13-31. ISSN 0166-218X Download fulltext
Sanna, Carlo (2021)
On the l.c.m. of shifted Fibonacci numbers. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NUMBER THEORY, vol. 17, pp. 2009-2018. ISSN 1793-0421 Download fulltext
Sanna, Carlo; Shallit, Jeffrey; Zhang, Shun (2021)
The largest entry in the inverse of a Vandermonde matrix. In: LINEAR & MULTILINEAR ALGEBRA, pp. 1-8. ISSN 0308-1087
Bettin, Sandro; Koukoulopoulos, Dimitris; Sanna, Carlo (2021)
A note on the natural density of product sets. In: BULLETIN OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY, vol. 53, pp. 1407-1413. ISSN 0024-6093 Download fulltext
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