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Minetto, M. A.; Ballatore, M. G.; Botter, A.; Busso, C.; Pietrobelli, A.; Tabacco, A. (2022)
DXA-Based Detection of Low Muscle Mass Using the Total Body Muscularity Assessment Index (TB-MAXI): A New Index with Cutoff Values from the NHANES 1999–2004. In: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, vol. 11, pp. 603-614. ISSN 2077-0383
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Levi, M.; Santagati, F.; Tabacco, A.; Vallarino, M. (2021)
Analysis on Trees with Nondoubling Flow Measures. In: POTENTIAL ANALYSIS. ISSN 0926-2601
Canuto, Claudio; Tabacco, Anita (2021)
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Canuto, Claudio; Tabacco, Anita (2021)
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Burgos, D.; Tlili, A.; Tabacco, A. (2021)
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Ballatore, M. G.; Abdullayev, F.; Stievano, I. S.; Tabacco, A. (2021)
How Online Solutions Help Beat the Lockdown in Higher Education: A Central Asia Case Study. In: Lecture Notes in Educational Technology / S.N., S.L., Springer, pp. 255-261. ISBN: 978-981-15-7868-7
Ballatore, Maria Giulia; Barpi, Fabrizio; Crocker, Dan; Tabacco, Anita (2021)
Pedestrian Bridge Application in a Fundamentals of Structural Analysis Course Inside an Architecture Bachelor Program. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING PEDADOGY, vol. 11, pp. 4-18. ISSN 2192-4880
Ballatore, Maria Giulia; Duffy, Gavin; Sorby, Sheryl; Tabacco, Anita (2020)
SAperI: approaching gender gap using Spatial Ability training week in high-school context. In: Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality, Salamanca (online), 21-23 October 2020, pp. 142-148. ISBN: 9781450388504
Ballatore, M. G.; Barpi, F.; Tabacco, A. (2020)
Work-in-progress: Pedestrian bridge application in a fundamentals of structural analysis course inside an architecture bachelor program. In: 11th IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON 2020, prt, 2020, pp. 41-45. ISBN: 978-1-7281-0930-5
Ballatore, M. G.; De Borger, J.; Misiewicz, J.; Tabacco, A. (2020)
ANNA Tool: A Way to Connect Future and Past Students in STEM. In: IEEE-RITA, vol. 15, pp. 344-351. ISSN 1932-8540
Boggiatto, P.; Bruno, T.; Cordero, E.; Feichtinger, H. G.; Nicola, F.; Oliaro, A.; ..., a cura di (2020)
Landscapes of Time-Frequency Analysis - ATFA 2019. S.L., Birkhäuser, P. 208. ISBN: 978-3-030-56004-1
Arditti, L.; Tabacco, A.; Vallarino, M. (2020)
BMO Spaces on Weighted Homogeneous Trees. In: THE JOURNAL OF GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS, vol. Volume ``A Celebration of Guido L. Weiss for his Ninetieth Birthday". ISSN 1050-6926
Semperboni, L.; Vignati, C.; Ballatore, M. G.; Tabacco, A.; Busso, C.; Minetto, M. A. (2020)
Diagnostic performance of the Strength and Pain Assessment (SPA) score for non-contact muscle injury screening in male soccer players. In: THE PHYSICIAN AND SPORTSMEDICINE, pp. 1-7-7. ISSN 0091-3847
Giulia Ballatore, Maria; Felisatti, Ettore; Montanaro, Laura; Tabacco, Anita (2020)
TEACH-POT: Provide Opportunities in Teaching. In: EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION IN TEACHING AND LEARNING, pp. 79-91. ISSN 2499-507X
Arditti, L.; Tabacco, A.; Vallarino, M. (2020)
Hardy Spaces on Weighted Homogeneous Trees. In: Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis / S.N., S.L., Birkhauser, pp. 21-39. ISBN: 978-3-030-36137-2
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